Drexel University Offers Programs That Focus on Technology

Drexel University offers a wide selection of programs. It is known for being an academically-oriented college and has several programs focused on technology. One of these programs is the BS in Engineering Technology, which teaches students to create innovative solutions for real-world issues. The curriculum emphasizes the practical application of the theory and includes hands-on lab activities in a majority of classes.

The MS in Educational Technology is another degree program that the school offers. It teaches teachers how to utilize technology in their classrooms. The program is open to teachers who have an education certification and provides many course options. The college offers a Philadelphia Teacher Residency Program that gives students the opportunity to gain classroom experience as they complete their courses.

The college http://iciphila.org/jewish-federation-of-greater-philadelphia offers a variety of bachelor’s degree programs. The BS in Economics and Data Science prepares students for the world of digital commerce by combining data science and business concepts. The college offers a coop program that allows students to gain experience before they graduate. This gives graduates an edge in the job market and will help them find a job quickly after graduation. Students who are interested in attending the school should submit official transcripts as well as letters of recommendation. They must also pay the $50 application fee which is refundable in the case of US veterans or their dependents or they are enrolled in a summer program. In addition, they should write a personal essay that describes their passions and experiences.

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