What is a Board Room?

The board room is a space that’s used by companies for their high-level meetings. It can seat up to 48 people (24 can be sitting at the table, and 24 sitting around the perimeter of the walls). This room reflects K-State Olathe’s focus on responding to the needs of industry for executive meeting space, training and research. It’s a formal setting, with a more sophisticated décor and audiovisual equipment.

The word “board” brings to mind deep wood paneled high ceiling rooms where aristocratic men debate on pricing and policy for their company to dominate a market or an opportunity. Nowadays, however, the boardroom has evolved into an essential hub of innovation, which allows for more collaboration and global participation to make critical decisions that can impact the entire business.

The room’s design should be able to adapt to its use. The room should also be equipped with the latest technology to ensure that meetings are as productive as they can be. The ambience of the room should be warm and inviting to encourage participation and facilitate ideas exchange.

A boardroom should be outfitted with large screens that can accommodate everyone who is in attendance. It should also have the ability to project presentations and whiteboards to help facilitate discussions. Some modern boardrooms incorporate a video conference program to connect with remote attendees and facilitate greater diversity among board members. Infassure provides modern boardrooms with all the necessary equipment to ensure that your next meeting is a success.


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